Super Damage Princess  -Tap RPG- Cheat Codes

Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- Cheat Codes

Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- cheat codes are the best way to obtain all in-app purchases that are available for this game for free. This hack tool works best for Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- and you can get Beginner Pack for free or any other in-app purchase that is available on Play store or Itunes. We have created a list of available cheats for Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- below and you can use them just by selecting which one you want for Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG-. In order for these cheats to work your device does not have to be jailbroken or rooted.

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Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- available cheats (Android and iOS)

  1. Beginner Pack – $4.99 Cheat code: 2427514315
  2. Princess Stone 100 – $0.99 Cheat code: 852726149
  3. Princess Stone 550 – $4.99 Cheat code: 668978925
  4. Princess Stone 1150 – $9.99 Cheat code: 1382776887
  5. Princess Stone 2400 – $19.99 Cheat code: 3140186143
  6. Princess Stone5000 – $39.99 Cheat code: 3828338538
  7. Princess Stone 10000 – $69.99 Cheat code: 2376785616

We suggest that you use Princess Stone5000 game cheat code because it is mostly used Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- cheat by our visitors.

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More about Super Damage Princess -Tap RPG- and it’s cheats

Super Damage Princess  -Tap RPG- hack tool

All the fighting fellows are Him! Is it? Super Damage Princess is easy with just a tap! refreshing! Do tap free RPG that you can enjoy flashy battle! Ultra Damage Hero Series latest work! RPG fighting princesses! Super Damage Princess (Super Damage Princess)
Billions, trillions, Kyo … … a large number of inexperienced …! Inflation finally goes over a large number! It is!
It is a simple neglected RPG that attacks monsters by tapping and strengthens by raising the level of principal character and fellow’s princess with the coins you got. It is a super-exhilarating game system that the character moves around in the screen with super easy dealing with easy operation with only tap. Fellow princess attacks automatically. Also, even when you have not started the game you can get coins at the next game start depending on time and progress. When you defeat a monster, you may drop a reincarnation ring besides a coin. Collecting a reincarnation ring can summon items that have a powerful effect. The reincarnation ring can also be obtained by raising the level of the hero’s princess more than a certain amount, it is possible to get a large amount by doing “strong new game”.
Voice alarm function capable of setting voice in game to alarm There is also a voice dedicated to the alarm.
Processing may be delayed depending on the smartphone when the game comes to the second half. We plan to improve the processing speed by updating Until then I am sorry the processing speed will be improved by turning OFF the damage display and effect display setting from the setting screen. Also when you leave it you can suppress the consumption of the battery by setting the above setting.
· Recommended for strengthening super damages princess The early stage raises the hero’s level and raises the attack power of the tap Advance crisp by strengthening at once by upgrading the class Until you are strong and do NEWGAME, Princesses Stone is used for strengthening the princess as much as possible
· Features of the game Just super tight fight battle with tap! Refreshing RPG that can be enjoyed even by neglect or tap! Super refreshing with a strong item! Coins will increase while not running! A real story! Character voice by gorgeous voice actors Strong and NEWGAME repeatedly gained a lot of powerful items repeatedly!
Super Damage Princess can play to the end for free. This game is free, but there are some charged items.
Sorry. The story part is not localized. As soon as time and money are secured, we will implement the whole localization again.
・キャスト(CV) 堀江由衣・高野麻里佳・豊田萌絵 宮﨑敦巳・清水里奈・淵上美生 新名彩乃・三原梢・高星莉子 乙守佑莉・黒瀬ゆうこ・神梛めい 阪咲恵南・木村千咲・高橋菜々美 星野綾乃
・素材提供 ゆるドラシル ぴぽや 608 魔王魂 効果音ラボ KMBfontUkana ラノベPOP FGカワイイ

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