Join the Dots – Dinosaurs Cheat Codes

Join the Dots – Dinosaurs Cheat Codes

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Join the Dots – Dinosaurs available cheats (Android and iOS)

  1. Unlock all pages – $2.99 Cheat code: 54736763

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More about Join the Dots – Dinosaurs and it’s cheats

Join the Dots - Dinosaurs hack tool

Dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years ago, long before our ancestors emerged on the face of the planet. These amazing animals boggle our imagination by their variety and size. Some were small like modern lizards, others as huge as a multi-storey building. Some were predators, for example the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, while others were herbivorous – like the Diplodocus, Ankylosaurus and Iguanodon. Some species could fly, some lived in water, but most of them walked on the ancient land. Dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic era, which is subdivided into three periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Today, archaeologists study the remains of these animals and can only assume how they looked and lived.
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