Glyph Quest Cheat Codes

Glyph Quest Cheat Codes

Glyph Quest cheat codes are the best way to obtain all in-app purchases that are available for this game for free. This hack tool works best for Glyph Quest and you can get Mage License for free or any other in-app purchase that is available on Play store or Itunes. We have created a list of available cheats for Glyph Quest below and you can use them just by selecting which one you want for Glyph Quest. In order for these cheats to work your device does not have to be jailbroken or rooted.

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Glyph Quest available cheats (Android and iOS)

  1. Mage License – $1.99 Cheat code: 4131711482

We suggest that you use Mage License game cheat code because it is mostly used Glyph Quest cheat by our visitors.

Why you should use our online hack tool instead of others:

  1. You will get all Glyph Quest in-app purchases for free.
  2. You do not have to download anything so your device is safe.
  3. Your device does not have to be jailbroken (iOS).
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  5. Our hack tool is very easy to use.
  6. There are no issues with laws as codes are directly from developer.
  7. Your device does not have to be rooted (Android).

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More about Glyph Quest and it’s cheats

Glyph Quest hack tool

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Free to level 5 then a single In-App Purchase unlocks the rest of the game. “The most important thing though is that you check out Glyph Quest, as it’s already one of my very favorites” -Touch Arcade, Game Of The Week
To herald the imminent approach of Super Glyph Quest, the single, one-time In App Purchase of the Mage License is reduced in price until 2015.
Inspired by Match-3 gameplay but with so much more than that, Glyph Quest is an adorable Puzzle RPG game.
IN A WORLD of fantasy and adventure. A land of quests and beasts. Of dungeons and big, fire-breathing lizards. One man stands alone against the hordes.
YOU can be that man. In fact, YOU can be that woman, if you’d prefer. A powerful Wizard (or, Witch), well versed in the magic arts. Either way, conjure up elemental powers to smite your foes.
Learn devastating combos to ruthlessly maximise your damage. Show them no mercy!
So yeah. Head out into the wilderness, meet loads of cute, I mean – TERRIFYING, monsters and kill them with Fire. Or Air. Or Earth. Or anything else you can get your grubby little hands on. Bombs, for example. They’re pretty cool. Or Ninja Stars! Then steal their loot and return to the village a hero. No one will judge you because hey – they’re monsters, right?
SIX elements to master. TWO characters to choose. ONE epic adventure.
“Top marks for creativity: Glyph Quest is beautiful to behold and some of its systems of play are intriguingly deep” – Pocket Gamer
**If you have trouble restoring your Mage License from the Inn, simply talk to the guy in the booth again – Apple will NOT charge you twice, even if they ask for your password.**

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