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More about DERE EVIL EXE and it’s cheats

DERE EVIL EXE hack tool

DERE EVIL EXE is both a terrifying thriller with a gripping story and an unorthodox retro platformer with unique puzzles and obstacles.
In DERE EVIL EXE, you step into the tiny shoes of a silent hero named ‘Knightly’. Knightly must jump, run, and manipulate environments in order to survive the heart-racing journey through a stunning pixel art world.
Within surreal structures lurk dangerous creatures known as ‘corruptions’. They take the form of their creator’s greatest fears. Their creepy creator, sporting a cunning visage of cheerfulness, hides in plain sight as she watches her prey fall deeper into her traps. Will Knightly be able to escape these pixelated nightmares?
“Take the challenge, and wade in, DERE EVIL EXE is unquestionably worth your time… 5/5” – Touch Arcade
“An indie title that shifts from retro platformer to meta-horror, it pokes fun at and toys with its influences along the way.” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“DERE EVIL EXE is yet another great game from AppSir we really enjoyed… 95/100” – Edamame Reviews
===== EERIE AND EXCEPTIONAL Finalist in the 15th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards and nominated for Best Storytelling in the 2019 Mobile Games Awards.
A GAME LOST IN TIME Modern 2d side-scrolling horror game with levels inspired by the simplicity and aesthetics of 16-bit arcade classics of the 80s and 90s.
MELODIC MADNESS The game plays either catchy retro chiptune music or ominous orchestral music, depending on the situation.
IMMERSIVE TALE OF HORROR A completely new meta story that bends the creepypasta genre in ways unseen in the video game world.
A STANDALONE SEQUEL Users do not need to play the prequel game to enjoy the story.
This game contains one optional in-app purchase to permanently disable ads. We recommend that users purchase this feature for a truly immersive experience.

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